SMS2019 Coordinator's Address

GeoLab Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses Ionian University

SanRocco Campus - Ippokrates Building

Corfu, GR-49100 Greece



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The MWC Concept  

Geopolitical and security developments across the Mediterranean have been severely affecting regional countries at the political, economic and social levels, oftentimes with global reverberations, as we recently witnessed with the irregular migration crisis. Ongoing regional conflicts such as the Syrian conflagration, Israeli-Palestinian tensions and border disputes are now complemented by asymmetrical threats such as radicalization and the rise of the extreme right. A growing degree of instability, therefore, raises the necessity for a more systematic appraisal of the nature and potential solutions to the multitude of security challenges faced across the Mediterranean basin. The MWC team, a diverse group of academics and regional experts, aspires to engage stakeholders and students in an academic and policy-oriented dialogue, with a view towards better understanding and tackling contemporary security challenges faced by governments and societies with the Mediterranean and beyond.

The Team


Buckingham University (BUCSIS), UK

Ionian University (Geolab), Corfu, Greece

SMS 2019


The Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses / GeoLab / Ionian University in the framework of its research programme is hosting the Summer School in Mediterranean Security 2019 (SMS2019).                                                  



Accommodation update (21/06/2019)

All accommodation spaces have now been filled. No more rooms at the Ionian University premises are available.

Those of you who are still eager to attend the summer school without accommodation at the Ionian University can purchase a ticket (90 GBP=100 EUR) until June 21, 2019.

On Corfu


The Ionian University Residence Hall and how to reach it

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