SMS2019 Coordinator's Address

GeoLab Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses Ionian University

SanRocco Campus - Ippokrates Building

Corfu, GR-49100 Greece



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 The Programme    


Learn & Experience

The developments in the geopolitical environment of the Mediterranean have been severely affecting the security conditions and the political and financial affairs not only regionally but also globally. The ongoing regional conflicts and refugee / migration / immigration crisis and the emergence of asymmetrical threats such as terrorism and the rise of the extreme right and extremism in general, a growing degree of instability has raised the necessity for a more systematic thinking about the security challenges faced in the region. ​


Our Aim: to bring together experts and students in an effort to reflect on the multifaceted challenges faced by governments and societies across the Mediterranean and their multi-dimensional international effects.

Main Themes and Activities

Lectures  - Group Work

  • The current geopolitical landscape in the Mediterranean as a geopolitically contested region

  • The Mediterranean dimension of European integration

  • Radicalisation and extremism in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

  • The Mediterranean as a meeting point or frontline for civilisations and cultures: patterns of conflict and cooperation

  • Terrorism in Europe: Is the Mediterranean a transit passage or target?

  • The European South: Mediterraneans or Europeans?

  • Asymmetrical threats in the Mediterranean: transnational crime and its evolution

  • Religion, identity and conflict in the Mediterranean

  • The Mediterranean refugee crisis 

  • Corruption, governance and security in the Mediterranean

  • The rise of nationalism and the far-right in the Mediterranean

  • Energy security and geo-economics in the Mediterranean


Academic Lectures


«to be updated»

The summer school programme is taught and delivered in English. Upon completion of the programme students will receive a Certificate of Attendance from The Buckingham University, BUCSIS / Ionian University, GeoLab.


Programme Information

When: 3 July – 7 July 2019 (Lectures to be held July 4 to July 6 inclusive)
Duration: 3 days
Entry requirements: Applicants should normally be registered on a university course (undergraduate/ postgraduate) or be young professionals in the field.
Application Deadline: 14 June 2019

How to Apply

The number of available places is limited and applications are considered in priority order, according to the date of submission. Once the application is received, the organisers will contact the applicant with the result of the application and further instructions.

Fees and accommodation: Thanks to the support of Santander Universities, only a small fee of 100 EUR is charged to participants who wish to attend the summer school. For an extra amount of 100 EUR (200 EUR total), accommodation can be arranged in a double occupancy room at the premises of the Ionian University. Accommodation is available on a first-come, first served basis so please indicate your interest in the online application form. Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements to and from Corfu.


Students interested in applying for the Summer School in Mediterranean security should fill in the online application form HERE.

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